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the interviews with folks who (without saying) risked their lives and immigrant status to be on the show, tricks like double time cards or denial of basic human rights were not done in a preachy way and that’s great.

anything based on a doodle test is solid science to me.(sigh) just when i was lamenting the lack of calling and courting..apparently, dating was declared dead by the ’70s.but, like when they said this about hip hop and feminism, it simply means that it has split into many factions.ok, so i am rethinking my comments on the cbc learning series.this post will be mostly about the dating one, but i also saw one on sweatshop labour. anyways, briefly-the fact that it is acknowledged that sweatshops are not just in “third world” (ask me what i think about that label one day) countries, but also right here in north america, and, more locally, in vancouver, toronto, and montreal gets a bigup.

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