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A must read for divorced men and women, especially if you are Catholic, and the perfect curriculum for parish groups. Seeking an Annulment With the Help of Your Catholic Faith Using authentic Church teaching, spiritual insights, and real-life examples from her work as Director of Parish Life, author Lorene Hanley Duquin leads you through each stage of the annulment process.

This book is an indispensable tool for healing, no matter how long you’ve been divorced and is completely Catholic. Journey of Hope This powerful Catholic-based support program will help you heal, keep the faith, and restore hope alongside fellow divorced Catholics in your parish.

I have been asked, “Did you try counseling or Retrouvaille? ” is another gem, to which I answer that forgiveness is not the same as a pardon.

” as though I would smack my head and say, “Gee, why didn’t I think of that? People have commented, “But you seemed like such a happy couple.” That’s what we wanted you to think; that’s what we wanted to believe.

It is wrong to ask for details before you support your divorced friend, family member or parishioner.

People should not have to justify their actions before they are loved for who they are. Divorce has released me spiritually, mentally and emotionally to become the person God created me to be.

When a marriage fails, no amount of effort, enabling or denial will save it.

I have been able to move on to a life that is fuller, happier and more creative.

The most important change is this: My relationship with God is better today than it ever has been.

And they did all they could to save their marriages.

It is time for all of us in the Church to stop judging the divorced.

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