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To be eligible, applicants must have been AIA members in good standing for at least two consecutive years (or one year for graduate students) by the application deadline. candidate in the Department of Art at the University of Toronto, is the 2019 recipient of the Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship. candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Department of Anthropology, is the 2017 recipient of the Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship.Please note that all application materials (including references and transcripts) must be received at the AIA by the November 1 deadline. At the conclusion of the fellowship tenure, the recipient must submit a report on the use of the stipend to the Chair of the AIA Fellowships Committee. She will use the fellowship funds to further work on her dissertation project, “The Poetics and Politics of Space: a regional analysis of the Cretan Postpalatial built environment”. Sager proposes to re-evaluate excavated and published built environments dating to the Postpalational Period (c.1450-1200 BCE), in order to offer a new interpretation of their significance in the development of a “Cretan” architectural language. Her project, “Mortuary Practices, Ceremonial Feasting and Social Transformation at the Dawn of the Bronze Age on the Greek Mainland,” will create an alternative, holistic model of the transformation of agricultural villages during the Neolithic period to the settlements of the Bronze Age in southern Greece. candidate at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World at Brown University, is the 2016 recipient of the Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship.AIA fellowship funds may not be used for institutional overhead, institutional administrative recovery costs, or institutional indirect costs.Requirements: Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States or Canada, or be actively pursuing an advanced degree at a North American College or University.For comparative reasons, the traces of tubular drilling from contemporaneous fa√ßade fragments of the Treasury of Atreus will also be inspected in the British Museum. Blackwell will also compare the marks on the Lion Gate relief with those on Hittite sculpture, especially the Boƒüazk√∂y Lion Gate, for evaluating prospective craft links between central Anatolia and the Mycenaean world. student with the Program in Aegean Prehistory at the University of Cincinnati, is the recipient of the Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship.The ,000 award will be used for supplies and travel in London and Greece, and a possible additional trip to Turkey 2010 Lynne A. Her project is “Urban Farming in the Mycenaean World: The Terraces of Korphos-Kalamianos”, an innovative examination of agricultural terrace walls using spatial, architectural, and survey data to explore agricultural production at the Late Bronze Age harbor site of Korphos-Kalamianos.This work will be combined with the results of systematic micromorphological analysis and form part of a dissertation entitled “Bronze Age landscape degradation in the northern Argolid: a micromorphological investigation of anthropogenic impact on erosion in the environs of Mycenae, Greece.” 2013 Debra Ann Trusty, Ph. candidate with the Classics Department of Florida State University, will be using the Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship to work on her dissertation, “Pots in the Periphery: Ceramic Analysis of Mycenaean Cooking Vessels”.

Her planned analysis will add to the understanding of agricultural production of a hinterland site during a period of Mycenaean economic expansion. Kvapil will use the ,000 fellowship award for travel and fieldwork at Korphos this coming summer.

20 recipient of the Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship is Jamie Aprile, Ph. student with the Interdepartmental Program in Archaeology, UCLA. Aprile’s project is “Pylos and Nichoria: A Case Study in Urban/Hinterland Political Economy,” in which she will tackle the complex relationship between the Late Bronze Age Mycenaean Messenia palatial component and its hinterland, Nichoria.

Using Kenneth Hirth’s distributional approach, she will investigate her hypotheses that Mycenean sites created extractive economic relationships with their hinterland using patron-client ties, and that these hinterland communities developed independent exchange strategies in order to fulfill these relationships.

The Archaeological Center Research Facility (ACRF) is a stable isotope research laboratory located in the Anthropology Department at the University of Utah. 13C values in the -22 ‰ to -19 ‰ range, while individuals heavily reliant on a C4 domesticate such as maize will express δ13C values in the -10 ‰ to -6 ‰ range (e.g., Coltrain and Leavitt 2002; Decker and Tieszen 1989; Ezzo 1993; S.

Our primary focus is stable isotope analysis and accelerator radiocarbon dating of skeletal hard and soft tissues for ecological, archaeological, forensic and paleontological applications. The stable and radio-isotope chemistry of Western Baketmaker burials: Implications for early Puebloan diets and origins. Martin 1999; Matson and Chisholm 1991; Spielmann et al. Work with rodents on experimental diets (Ambrose and Norr 1993; Tieszen and Fagre 1993b) has led to the assumption that bone collagen δ13C values are heavily biased by the δ13C value of ingested animal protein.

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