Capture nx updating image

Users will need the following system requirements to run the software: Windows OS: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2), Windows 7 (Service Pack 1), Windows 8.1.

According to Nikon, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported, but it recommends 64-bit versions.

The company says it will continue to add new features, and update and improve future versions of the application.

Capture NX-D also supports simple editing of JPEG and TIFF images.

Hard-disk space: 800MB or more free space required for installation (2GB or more recommended); screen resolution: 1024×768 pixels (XGA) or higher (1920×1080 or higher recommended).

For Macintosh OS users: 64-bit versions of OS X version 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9; CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or better (Nikon recommends i5); RAM (memory): 4GB or more; hard-disk space: 800MB or more free space is required for installation (2GB or more is recommended); finally, screen resolution: 1024×768 pixels (XGA) or higher (1920×1080 or higher recommended).

In any case its the best for converting NEF files, Adobe ACR is very close but not quite there. On it's own terms, however, and considering it's free, I have no complaints. The cropping utility doesn't have a "center" button to rubber-band the cropped area to the middle of the frame.

Without a stopwatch handy, my initial impression is that there is a speed improvement when opening files. I can not open some folders with it -- it crashes immediately! Why they was not able to just keep updating old one? I have never experienced any issues while using Nikon software on Windows, and all of the crashes reported in these comments seem to be limited to Macs.Other camera manufacturers could take a lesson from Nikon in consumer friendliness.Nikon makes this software absolutely free to anyone who has any need or desire to work with Nikon raw files.NX-D still works so I use it to organize my photos but I preferred NX-i for that.This is now the 3 upgrade I have tried and none of them work on my MAC.

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