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And I certainly hope once you’ve read the Encyclopedia you have you own answer.

Meet Dark Mysterious Goth Singles who are Looking for Someone who Compliments Their Lifestyle!

I’m pretty sure that Emo is not at all Goth, so that confusion prickles me.

Also, self-proclaimed “real vampires” are delusional. Both groups are free to do as they choose, but they have nothing to do with the Goth that I love.

Of course, Liisa includes an entry for the Alchemy design studios, which we took as an ideal opportunity to turn the tables, and check out just how many Goth points Liisa has… ’ question has become something of a faux pas in many Gothic circles – why do you think this is and what inspired you to grasp this particular nettle? The general public and insiders alike seem perplexed by what exactly this whole Goth thing is.

I was recently stopped in the supermarket of my small hometown by a friend of the family who wanted to know if it was a religion, a cult. Goths themselves meanwhile are obsessed with defining what is and isn’t Goth, from music to shades of lipstick.

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