Can chiropractors dating former patients

Counter-transference is the doctor's reaction to this process and this can include erotic feelings.

However, the crossing of boundaries does not necessarily mean that an unethical act occurred: after all, the crossing or erosion of boundaries is a normal part of the evolution of intimate relationships between human beings. Clues as to what these other factors should be can be gleaned from examining the profiles of offending doctors.Whilst situational reactors are certainly an at-risk group, unlike other categories of doctors who offend (e.g.personality disordered doctors), this group is very unlikely to re-offend with appropriate treatment.On the basis of this evidence, it is argued that the circumstances in which such relationships are ethically permissible are extremely limited and that official ‘sanctioning' of these relationships should be very much the exception, not the rule.Many boundaries exist in the doctor–patient relationship.

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