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Caity Marie Lotz (born December 30, 1986) is an American actress, dancer, singer and model.

She is best known for her roles as Officer Kirsten Landry in the MTV mockumentary television series Death Valley (2011), as Annie in the horror film The Pact (2012) and as Sara Lance/The Canary in The CW television series Arrow (2013–2014).

After she shared a lesbian kiss with her co-star Katrina Law in Arrow, her fans are really shocked to hear this. The couple is seen to have been dating for more than one year.

She has been in a romantic relationship for a year and is enjoying her dating life.

I got to seem them perform in NYC and they are my new favorite band.

Don't even get me started on this afro dub song ✨ Dwe E… I need help making a movie poster for the short film I directed.

Can't even begin to express my gratitude to Phil and the Legends writers, Greg Berlanti, CW and Warner Brothers for this opportunity. D1jl Oj DX I’m directing episode 5 of Legends of Tomorrow 😁just finished day one of prep!

There is so much that goes into making these shows and I'm humbled by the talented people people I'm getting to work with 🙏 You guys have to listen to @Mokoomba from Zimbabwe.

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Looking at her posts, she seems to be very happy and has a romantic life with Lewis.

Well, with her ongoing relationship with Dylan, it is evident that Caity is of straight orientation.

Although there were rumors of Caity being a Lesbian, she is in a very romantic relationship with Dylan Lewis.

👊Today is the first day of Production for the first episode of television I will direct.

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