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But if I flush my input using that idea then the presentation of my code will change when the user is entering in values.Plus I still get the same problem when I enter in A or P, says re-enter value, and when i re-enter the letter it reads it properly. In check_letter and check_hour, you need to declare ch to be an int, since that's what getchar returns (that's how it can handle special return values like EOF).The cin.clear() and cin.ignore() will ignore everything after the first number.The only input that causes issue is a correct input and then an incorrect one.This is @ matticus, that is what my int main(void) looks like.The check_hour function works fine, but when I check_letter I am having a problem with a newline somewhere, like press enter a few times when entering hour, and it's fine, then press enter a few times on the check_letter and it does different things.

c validating input char-32

I don't know if this is the best solution, but you could make choice a string instead and use getline for input.Etc.), you see a form contains a number of fields and each one of these fields has to be filled in with specific data such as Email, Zip code, phone number and a password with specific conditions.As a developer you create a form like this and put a label beside each field to tell the user that you should enter your zip code in this field, but actually not all the users follow the labels and enter what you are waiting for, sometimes one of the users will enter a fake email address or even enter some letters that don’t refer to anything like “abcdef” as Phone number, this mistake will lead to some problems.For example, inputting "3 56" will still let the program output "Your choice is 3." But if you input "56 3", it asks again.For single characters, you have two options: 1) If the user inputs more than one character, reject the input and prompt the user for a new input, or 2) Just take the first character the user inputs and discard whatever else the user might have entered after that (if anything).

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