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Close Connection) With m_Bindingsrc Detail While RFIDReader. End Edit() End While End With grddetails is the name of grid, m_Bindingsrc Detail is datasource for grd Details According to This , You should be able to force the validation trigger using Begin Edit and End Edit. I am fetching Product description, MRP and other details in cell validating. True is by the way the default setting) Now for the solution: When a control belongs to a parent control - you should set the causes validation of the Parent to false, if you want the kind of behaviour I wanted.I did not realise the Cell was a child control of the actual Data Grid View. This will a: be slower, and b: if you unsubscribe (-=) it will only remove the first found instance, perhaps leaving one behind. Marc "Marc Gravell" I take it by "it doesn't work" you mean that they are still firing. Is it possible that it has been enabled twice (without an unsubscribe) through some route?If this is the case, I would sugggest either keeping a bool field to track if you think you are currently subscribed, or, *always* run the -= (which unsubscribes if possible), then (if enabled) run the =, so you can only ever have 1 instance of each. Marc Thanks Marc, I thought before to do that with the bool field, but it will always rise the event and then compare the bool, isn't it? As if so, it will be subscribed twice, and fired twice.In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Data Grid View control and its supporting classes, in detail.

Anyone can help me, and tell me how can I disable these events? As if so, it will be subscribed twice, and fired twice.

Create a data source for the Mortgage database in the folder shown above, if you haven't already done so.

I am currently using the Cell Validating event to prevent the cell from updating its value but I'm not able to exit the editing mode.

Cell Validating イベントで入力されたセルの値について、入力チェックをできますよね。 このイベントハンドラの引数の Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args.

Formatted Value プロパティに編集中の値が入ります。 しかし、この Formatted Value プロパティは表示用の書式化(フォーマット)された後の値が入ってるんですよね。 たとえば、Data Grid View で列の Default Cell Style. Format を通貨("c")として定義し、初期表示の値を 0 とするどうなるでしょうか。 ユーザに表示される値は ¥0 と表示されます。ここでユーザが ¥ を残したまま新たな数値を入れると Cell Validating時は Formatted Value が ¥1000 や ¥1,000 になってしまいます。 別に、¥1000 や ¥1,000 という正しい書式なら Data Table にバインド時に勝手にCLRが面倒を見てくれるっぽいのですが、ユーザが 99¥1000 など、書式に反する値を入れると Data Err が発生してしてしまいます。 これを Cell Validating 時にどう防ぐかで結構頭を悩ましました。 最初は書式化されてない値をなんとか取得できないかと考えました。 Cell Validating 時はまだセルに値を入れる前なので、Cell.

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