Bun b dating

I’m a dad so I don’t want anyone touching my daughter, but on the other hand she’s a woman and doesn’t want the child closeted for too long, because you get out there and have no way of dealing with people in a social setting. Bun B: I was a little off put about the whole situation initially, because they weren’t married and I just wanted them to be a little more serious about what it is they were getting themselves into.But now we have a grandbaby, and that’s a whole different issue. But once you see this beautiful baby, there’s no way to be mad at that.Bun B: I would say most of my friends did, but when people get concerned about you getting married it’s not necessarily about you, it’s about them. if you’re the first to get married, the guys don’t want it because then they feel it puts pressure on me she was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with.She told me, “You’re my man” and I didn’t see a reason to disagree with her, so I just kind of ran with it.By: Dove No one ever said being a music icon was easy, but for Bernard “Bun B” Freeman, finding balance between public status and home life seems to be the least of his worries.

I was very upset with him at first, but the closer we got to the baby, I started getting nervous.

Bun B: Be sure that this is something you want to do!

A big misconception people have is that when you get married things get easier.

What would you say are the keys to a happy home and marriage?

Bun B: I’ve been with my wife for 12 years, and we’ve been married for seven.

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