Bukhara jew dating

For all that they are treasured by the community, the scrolls hold a modest place in a simple glass cabinet.

Our brethren, missing their historic home, come visiting from Russia, America and Israel.One recent Friday evening, when a Eurasianet correspondent visited, a congregation of around only a dozen gathered to usher in shabbat.The four-century-old synagogue’s prized possession are the two ancient Torah scrolls that have survived centuries of war, capricious emirate rule and revolution.But we Bukharan Jews have been able to preserve them. Iskhakov said one of the scrolls was stolen once, in 2009, but that the thieves were quickly tracked down and the precious relics returned safe and sound.Robert Almeyev, an expert on Bukharan history, believes it is past time that an ethnographic museum be created to memorialize this fragile and fading part of the city’s legacy.

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