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The Buddha's cousin Ananda asked if there was any reason women could not realize enlightenment and enter Nirvana as well as men.The Buddha admitted there was no reason a woman could not be enlightened. The moral of the story is that the man who brought back hemp instead of diamonds was a fool. And my curiosity lies in the fact that monks..let's not say they run away..they renounce. Renouncing this part of life, not even necessarily because it scares you (even though it does scare me, A LOT,) versus diving into it and exploring and seeing what it's like?

There's this story Ajahn Brahm told that I remember, about these two villagers. I don't remember, but anyway...(this is my own telling of the story.)Two villagers went to an abandoned town to scavenge around, see what they could find to bring back to their families. According to the Pali Vinaya and other early scriptures, the Buddha originally refused to ordain women as nuns.He said that allowing women into the sangha would cause his teachings to survive only half as long –- 500 years instead of a 1,000.The myriad schools and sects do not follow the same scriptures; texts that are central to some schools are not recognized as authentic by others. For example, the Larger Sukhavati-vyuha Sutra, also called the Aparimitayur Sutra, is one of three sutras that provide the doctrinal basis of the Pure Land school.This sutra contains a passage usually interpreted to mean that women must be reborn as men before they can enter Nirvana.

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