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A competitive swimmer, he had to drop out of college to support his girlfriend, Krista, and their son, Jordan.

He's back on the swim meet circuit, and starting to have some success.

more In an era when the country's first line of defense, human intelligence, is more important than ever, comes a thriller that gives an insider's view into the CIA's secret training ground: The Farm.

James Clayton (Colin Farrell) might not have the attitude of a typical recruit, but he is one of the smartest graduating seniors in the country – and he's just the person that Walter Burke (Al Pacino) wnats in the Agency.

Ray: This movie is ok, much better than Skyline which is seems to be compared to.I had to give it a rating, 2 out of 4 stars.. She represents the way of love and mercy, where the father tries to teach his son the world’s way of putting oneself first.

but it gets an extra star for letting me watch LA burn. Each parent contends for his allegiance, and Jack must reconcile their claims.

The picture darkens as he has his first glimpses of sickness, suffering and death.

James regards the CIA's mission as an intriguing alternative to an ordinary life, but before he becomes an Ops Officer, James has to survive the Farm, where the veteran Burke teaches him the ropes and the rules of the game.

James quickly rises through the ranks and falls for Layla (Bridget Moynahan), one of his fellow recruits.

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