Brent bolthouse dating sbs 2016 dns not updating

When it’s crowded, the High Rooftop Lounge at Hotel Erwin is a prime spot for making friends (or more? There can be a line to get in, a line to get drinks, and a line to snag one of the roof’s prime seating areas.This all translates into prime flirting opportunities with that cute guy or girl standing in line behind you, which might turn into a shared cabana while you watch the sunset over the Santa Monica skyline.Bonus: If you make a connection, there's always a romantic stroll on the beach just steps away.

Bolthouse has contributed regularly to Mean magazine, and is a much sought-after DJ.

Since his move from Joshua Tree to Los Angeles over 20 years ago, Brent has managed to position himself as arguably one of Los Angeles’ leading entrepreneurs and one of the most powerful event producers in the country.

From his event production skills, new west side venue, DJ prowess, various club nights, and his passion for photography, to his annual Neon Carnival in the Coachella Valley, Bolthouse has carved out a niche that has made him more than just a local force.

It's a weekend house-party Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons, but if you want to keep the sleaze factor to a minimum, aim for a weeknight visit.

We begin this week at People’s Revolution, and Kelly’s on speakerphone, telling her staff that she’s going to need help at men’s Fashion Week in New York. Over in Speidiwood, Heidi’s upset about losing her job with Brent Bolthouse, so she decides to apply copious amounts of makeup in order to work on her résumé. In walks Alex, and he’s stiff and uncomfortable around Whit. Reality Index: As Real As Kelly’s Hairdos • Whitney’s attraction to the singer. • The fact that the hot model Adam is dating a hot model Allie and living with a hot singer Jay. Haven’t you guys learned by now that Heidi can’t act?

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