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ABV: 4.6%Packaging: 355ml (12 FL OZ) bottles, 1/6BBL kegs Xingu Gold carries the heritage of Xingu brand, established by the two-time Gold Medal winner Xingu Black Beer, sold in over 20 countries.Brewed with rye, black and pale malt as well as terrified wheat, Xingu’s delicious aromas and flavors also come from Nugget, Cascade, as well as Citra and Summit hops, using the dry hopping technique.Xingu Black is not only a pioneer beer but also a prizewinner.For 2 years in a row it was awarded Gold Medals by the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago and has been a successful contender in numerous international competitions over the years.They were Alan Eames, writer, specialized in beer history and anthropology, and his wife Anne Latchis, of Greek descent, owner of a traditional hotel in the mountains of Vermont, in the United States.

Cesario is also a writer of novels, articles and screenplays, and has produced and directed films.Before the couple fled back to the US we agreed that I would try to find a brewery and manage production in Brazil, while they would handle imports in the USA.I got a hold of a beverage industry yearbook that covered all of Brazil, and hung to a telephone line for 6 months hearing No, No, and No, until I finally got a Yes.Xingu’s proven success in Brazil and the USA has been replicated internationally in countries such as Canada, Germany, Italy, France, England and China.Inspired on old recipes of Indian beer, Xingu Black Beer is a two-time winner of Beverage Testing Institute’s Gold Medal as the best dark lager in the world.

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