Boy writes dating book

Marcus will do whatever he can to make his depressed mother happy, even if it causes himself grief.As such, he realizes that he is perceived as different than most kids, as even the self-professed weird kids don't want to hang out with him as he is the target of bullying.

Sprinkled with humor and filled with biblical truth and realistic wisdom it navigates you on your own heart-searching truth journey pointing to a new direction, purpose, and resolution.

Part of the taunts against him are the fact that he sings and speaks to himself without even realizing that he is doing it.

Meanwhile, thirty-eight year old Will Freeman is a slacker who has lived comfortably off the royalties of a song written by his deceased father, and as such has never had to work a day in his life.

He is a solitary man who places himself as the first and only priority in life.

He comes across the idea that dating single moms meets his selfish carnal needs. Courtesy of Tommy Boy Music (UK) Limited See more » Described by some as a man's version of Bridget Jones Diary the remarkable thing is that it lives up to the description.

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