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We’ll explain them here as clearly as possible.– the Dwell reverb signifies how intensive the spring is vibrated.

Depending on the intensity, the trail resulted from being gentler, to exponentially rising in strength and duration.– the Mixer knob is responsible for controlling how much of your sound trail, whether smooth or loud and lasting, is mixed within the original sound.– Tone is pretty self-explanatory, as it controls the tone of your reverb signal They are all pretty simple to master and will aid you in creating amazing sounds once you get the feel of how they work.

Unlike the subsequent BBD-based models in the DM series, the DM-1’s circuit used a charge-coupled device (CCD), an electronic component that went on to be widely used in digital cameras.

Those familiar with the legendary BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble (the world’s first chorus pedal) will notice that the DM-1 uses the same heavy-duty metal chassis and AC power configuration, as both effects were in production in the same era.

Take a shot at this outstanding piece from these globally known and respected manufacturers and you might just be pleasantly surprised at what you get.

This pedal is definitely worth its price and it has reinstated its former glory.

On the Roland side, the RE-201 Space Echo—first introduced in 1974—is widely regarded as the premier tape-based delay unit ever made.

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Tinker with the three reverb options, and you’ll be amazed and what kind of sounds you’ll receive.

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