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” Hot 97 DJ @Rosenbergradio said he doesn’t like @sosobrat's famous collaboration with @Tyrese – and now she just responded on The Beat, telling him he can go and kick rocks. This is a lane I never imagined I would get to be in. Do you all side with the rapper or the DJ on this one?! XM8t5L1 “If our universe has been created by an advanced civilization for research, it is crucial to them that we don’t find out. @msnbc for the first time with @arimelber and @doriskgoodwin. The mid-week, in-the-know podcast is Chuck at his best – unscripted, informed and focused on what really matters in the 2020...Hosted by Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Willie Geist, the program features in-depth and informed discussions that help drive the day's political conversation.MSNBC also delivers breaking news and information across a variety of platforms including JDEr The Trump Administration has effectively handed Concord resident, Isabel Bueso a death sentence. Senate Foreign Relations Cmte's Bob Menendez on reports the Trump admin is delaying disbursal of military assistance to Ukraine: "Enough is Z9y JHh1l Z Disregarding immigrants’ requests to temporarily remain in the US for life-saving treatment is absurd and inhumane.We stand in support of our health and legal professionals who work tirelessly to eliminate barriers to care.And there are many others like her… S., incl the Bay Area's Maria Isabel Bueso, medical deferred action has been the difference btwn life & death. Today I joined @Rep Pressley, @Rep Zoe Lofgren, @Rep Judy Chu, @Rep Lou Correa, @Sen Warren, and @Sen Markey in calling on USCIS and ICE to reverse course and maintain protections for #medicaldeferredaction #Save Isabel Dr. "A US intelligence assessment found that the mysterious explosion off of Russia’s northern coast occurred during a recovery mission to salvage a nuclear-powered missile from the ocean floor..."…Now, Trump Admin will deport families benefiting from this humanitarian relief. Paul Harmatz, who led the clinical trial for the treatment that keeps Guatemala-born Isabel Bueso alive, tells @maddow that Isabel will die if the Trump admin deports her. "The Inspector General of the Justice Dept has determined that it is misconduct for a law enforcement officer to publicly disclose an effort to shut down his investigation... And it warrants scrutiny."… If Trump blocks the 0M in military aid to Ukraine (a gift to Putin), looks like it will be over Pentagon’s objection.

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