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In ONE LIKE JESUS Debra Farrington offers a map for the journey in a series of biblically based meditations that affirm the value of singlehood.Whether readers are or have been single for years or find themselves newly single, whether they are happy or unhappy in that state, ONE LIKE JESUS offers encouragement, support, and practical suggestions for leading a rich, full life.Here is a practical and wise guide for those alone in life.By Wendy Widder Wendy Widder blends the experiences of singleness and the truths of God's Word with a sense of humor to proclaim God's promises of an abundant life -- with no marital strings attached!Bombarded by the good intentions of others, singles sometimes find themselves in a mad pursuit to find their "better half" instead of living the whole life God intended for all of His children.Their obsession to lose the "single" label may rob them of His richest gifts.

While acknowledging the pitfalls singles sometimes face, they celebrate the advantages that also come with singleness and validate it as a true gift from God. Sala Contentment in life is more than finding the right person but being the right person. Williams Two young women have combined their life experiences and writing talents to create an invaluable handbook for single women.

As a single woman herself, Mary Whelchel is familiar with the pitfalls that ensnare single people.

Christian singles struggle with these issues every day.

I have not been successful in locating books available from Northwestern Publishing House on the subject of dating. You may find helpful books on dating from this source.

Your church library or your pastor’s library might also be good resources for you.

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    Your time is far too valuable to be filtering through countless profiles of singles who have little in common with you.

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