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By definition, an automatic negative thought (ANT) is irrational, and it is always wrong.

You are right: If you feel that everyone notices you blush, is judgmental about it, and thinks less of you because of it, these are automatic negative thoughts.

I'm going through the "Overcoming Social Anxiety" audio series, and I've noticed a lot of good progress, but I am still afraid of blushing and about what people think about it.

-- Jen Dear Jen: Blushing is an instantaneous physiological response to a situation we find potentially embarrassing, and it is a big problem for many people who have social anxiety disorder.

The blushing then embarrasses you and you are afraid that others interpreted your blushing as being strange or weird.

The physiological response of blushing is traumatically real, but it is typically set off by circumstances that may not be rational in nature. It is our perception of what is happening that makes us respond in the way we do.

Conversely, if you continue right on with what you are doing or saying when you blush and, if you put no effort into concentrating on the symptoms, others will not usually even notice it.

All of these situations are potential triggers to people whose social anxiety symptoms include blushing.Could I have been misjudging people and their responses to me all these years?You say that ANTS (automatic negative thoughts) are always wrong - are my thoughts wrong?Blushing may happen when we are put on the spot, when others say something we perceive as being embarrassing or humiliating, and even when we anticipate that we might blush.The anticipation or expectation of blushing can lead to further blushing.

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