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It is expected then, for a 5,570 year (1 half-life) or 11,140 year old (2 half-lives) sample that 125 or 63 counts per second would be obtained.Although one can simply measure older samples for longer times, there are practical limits to the minimum sample activity that can be measured.» NOSAMS General Statement of C from contamination introduced during chemical preparation, collection or handling.Organic materials, which require the most processing, are limited to younger ages by their corresponding process blank.The surface of the graphite is sputtered with heated, ionized cesium and the ions produced are extracted and accelerated in the AMS system.

Sample size supposed to be recommended for analysis.

Multi-sample discounts are offered for batches of submitted samples for conventional radiocarbon dating.

In AMS, the filiamentous carbon or "graphite" derived from a sample is compressed into a small cavity in an aluminum "target" which acts as a cathode in the ion source.

Beta Analytic is an accredited ISO/IEC 17005 radiocarbon dating lab based in Florida, USA.

BETA has been the world leader in Carbon-14 measurements since 1979.

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