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Women viewing this guy’s bio assume that he is compassionate and empathetic based on that alone.

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I like that this guy is putting himself out there and taking a bit of a risk that basically says, “Hey, I want a long-term relationship and YES that means you dealing with my digestive issues when I’m 80.” A little bit risky (not always the best idea to mention diapers before a first date), but I can dig it.Notice that this guy fit a lot of information about himself into a small word count.On apps like Bumble, it’s totally fine to just list things. I also like that, rather than simply saying he’s getting a degree in psychology, he noted that he is pursuing it to work with children with special needs.If you’re an outdoorsy person and sharing that interest with a partner is important to you, let it be known.Moreover, I love when people use their love of the outdoors to connect with someone initially.

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