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Since it was displayed for each contact, It was fair to assume that my contacts would see when I was last online as well.This could lead to all kinds of issues, like being asked why you did not reply immediately as you have been online at that time, or other privacy related matters.There is a manual option that you can use to prevent that the last seen today time is updated.Whats App updates the last seen time when you open the application. 'Last contacted' in company's record stays blanc (as I never contacted this company after switching to Hubspot). Example: I am forwarding email from June 2018 to [email protected], upon running the Zap after following these directions, the message body text in my Airtable base’s record is updated, but not the date of the most recent message.The date of the most recent message always remains the same as the original message from the sender.

The bigger issue was the "last seen" time notification that the app displayed for each contact.I have followed the directions in the helpful support page ( to find and update records) to create a multi-step Zap to record the “last contacted date” of a particular contact in my Airtable base.The support page says: we can set it up [the Zap configuration] so that the Date of last contact field of our Airtable base gets updated with the Date data of the most recent triggering Gmail, and the Last message field of our Airtable base gets updated with the Body HTML of the most recent triggering Gmail.The first was to understand what the check marks next to messages meant.Whats App either displays one or two check marks next to all messages that you send out using the application.

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