Bengali girls for dating cold case video dating

people say they look arab, or they are so white for a bengali etc.

but bottom line i think bengali girls think they are prestige, they know they are goig to have to marry a bengali, so they cba to waste uni crushing over a bengali, so they want fun to experiment with other cultures. also bengali guys (stereotyping here) are emotional, like they could have a crush and date a girl from year 9 and still be with her till first year uni, then they break up because the girl wants to "start fresh for uni" and then the bengali boy is there crying and cutting his wrists because he lost the "love of his life" I think it's more to do with surroundings.There's more reasons obviously, but I can't speak for every single Bengali girl who's interested in a White guy. You shouldn't think that every Bengali girl is like that based on the ones you've known.WHEN I REFER TO 'BENGALI GIRLS' I AM NOT GENERALISING i completely agree, tbh i think some Bengali girls (especially the pretty ones) have a sense of pride in their looks, like they get gassed if they dont look bengali eg.My preferences have probably adapted to what's in abundance. There can be no dearth of reasons on why you should date a Bengali girl.

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