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Scammers might ask you to transfer money because they are unable to do so themselves.

You should never agree to transfer money for someone else - this may be money laundering, which is a criminal offence.

This may also be an attempt to get you to provide personal information for identity theft.

Valentine’s Day celebrates couples and togetherness, making this time of year difficult for the unattached.Yet, according to the most recent census figures, 44% of American adults are single.Not all of them want to stay that way because 40 million have turned to online dating sites to find a partner, says an article last month on Scammers claiming to be members of the military, stationed overseas, will often say they need your money to pay for a leave pass or some other expense so they can visit you. Scammers will often tell you that money you send them will go to a charity or will be used to support a business venture.This might be anything from oil exploration, to gold mining, gemstone sales and more.

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