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In time it gotten better and better, sites came up of real women searching for internet "money slaves" just to take advantage of and take their money.It didn't seem that way on the outside, I mean I was around girls when I hung out with my friends and they knew who I was, and if you had asked people who knew me how I was socially and stuff they would have told you that everything was ok and I was doing fine; but you could not have found one girl that would count me as a friend of hers.I didn't know why this was happening at the time, I mean I had every characteristic and even more to make such connections, and much geekier and weirder kids had relations with girls; but I didn't.Well, I know I wanted to, and I was willing to pay a lot more.To explain what I just said, I have to go way back in my story, which actually begins when I was a child, or a teenager shell I say.

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