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“Bali gigolos”, “Bali beach boys”, “Whitey Hunters (Pemburu Bule)” or “Kuta cowboys” are some of the names referring to Balinese men who seek a living through entertaining foreign women visiting the island. If you are a female tourist and alone, many will approach you when you are having a stroll on the beach or along crowded streets of Kuta.Of course, even more of these cowboys can be found in the night clubs and bars (not ranches, mind you).For visitors, it can seem like a magical world unto its own—David Bowie requested that his ashes be scattered there.But Bali part of Indonesia, and Indonesian law stipulates that marriage is between a male and female.

In 2002, the Japanese consulate in Denpasar put up a ban on tour groups and issued a travel warning worried about the rape or sexual harassment cases to Japanese tourists.However, after the release of the documentary, most beach boys have displayed feelings of resentment and refused the label of a gigolo.In 2010, police even started a crackdown on the beach boys in response to the documentary and arrested about 28 of them who were under suspicion of selling sex to tourists.Everybody knows that Bali, the beautiful tropical island of Indonesia, is a popular tourist destination for locals and foreigners alike.However, many are not aware that the island is also a paradise for females looking for sex vacations.

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