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The Green Zone was completely surrounded by high concrete blast walls, T-Walls and barbed wire fences with access only available through a handful of entry control points, all controlled by Coalition troops.

The southern and eastern side of the zone is protected by the Tigris River – the only entrance to the zone from this side is the Arbataash Tamuz (July 14) Bridge (named for the date that the former regime came to power).

Most of the remaining residents fled as US ground forces closed in on the Iraqi capital out of a fear of arrest by Coalition forces or possible reprisals by disgruntled Iraqis.

Coalition airstrikes at the outset of the fighting left a sizable number of buildings in central Baghdad abandoned.

Jay Garner, head of the reconstruction team, set up his headquarters in the former Republican Palace; other villas were taken by groups of government officials and private contractors.

Baghdad airport (BGW) has also (among others): - ATMs and Banks - Hotels inside the airport - Prayer Rooms - Assistance to Passengers with special needs - Medical Care - Located 10 miles (16 km) west of Baghdad city centre - 7.5M passengers annually - Three terminals - 2 runways - More than 15 airlines operate at BGW airport - Hub for 3 airlines: Iraqi Airways, Al-Naser Airlines and Fly Baghdad Passengers may know that it is strongly recommended to have a safe, secure and trustful transportation to get around Baghdad and Iraq in general.

Terrorist and suicide attacks can happen anytime anywhere and westerners happen to be their main target, that is why Iraq nor Baghdad aren’t a touristic destination.

The Green Zone was frequently shelled by insurgents with mortars and rockets, though these attacks caused few casualties.

In October 2004 it was hit by two suicide bombings, which destroyed the bazaar and the Green Zone Cafe.

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