Bad skin dating

She is constantly messaging me, calling me, and sending naughty pics.

While she has a smoking body (ex-college athlete) which i'd rate an 8.5 she has one thing that I find disturbing, and that is that one side of her face around cheek area has bad acne scars, we are talking about worse than Cameron Diaz (on left) type of acne scars and they appear to be "permanent", which even the make-up can't fully conceal it.

At least give her a chance to better he skin for the next dude.

I wouldn't ask them out, because I wouldn't want to be rejected by a deformed chick.

"Dont believe what you see December 8th, 2010 What you see on the silver screen in completely re-edited so that any defects or imperfections are removed as the director wants.

Any scar or skin imperfection can easily be removed by computer, no make up necessary.

I make it a point not to think ill or talk shit about a girl who has poor facial genetics, since it truly wasn't something they did to themselves.

The truth is if I don't find her attractive then we obviously have a problem.

Most likely if you saw Brad Pitt in person, up close, you would be suprised to see that he still has acne scars you did not see in the movie." SATS54 SAYS: "I had laser resurfacing in 07 when I was 53 for a few acne scars.

After surgery I was left with tons of scars all over my cheeks & a dent.

When I was at uni there was a really cute blonde with one arm.

She had a really pretty face and a great, athletic body, but I would never ask her out, because I couldn't take being rejected by a girl with one arm. I couldn't help but think, "Damn this chick has only one arm, and she just turned me down for a date?! " I wouldn't ask them out, because I wouldn't want to be rejected by a deformed chick.

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