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Refer to "Faculty Information and Regulations" "Minimum Credit Requirements", in this e Calendar for prerequisites and minimum credit requirements.For information on academic advising, see: All required courses must be passed with a minimum grade of C.It offers you exciting opportunities to specialize in one of 5 concentrations, to incorporate research experience, travel for field studies, or a Minor in your program.It does not lead to professional licensure as a Dietitian/Nutritionist.The relationship of these components to food stability in terms of degradative reactions and processing. Chemistry Life Sciences: The course integrates classical, molecular and population genetics of animals, plants, bacteria and viruses.The aim is to understand the flow of genetic information within a cell, within families and in populations.This Major offers a core emphasis on the scientific fundamentals of nutrition and metabolism throughout the lifespan from the molecular to the organismal level.

The specialization in global nutrition emphasizes the importance of the interaction of nutrition, diet, water, environment and infection.

However, it is excellent preparation for many careers including medical school, veterinary school and other professional schools, for graduate school, or for work in the food, pharma or other industry, government or NGO, or global health organizations.

This concentration covers many aspects of human nutrition and the impact of food on health.

It offers a core emphasis on the scientific fundamentals of nutrition and metabolism throughout the lifespan.

The specialization on food ranges from health effects of phytochemicals and food toxicants, food chemistry and analysis, food safety, product development and influence of constituents of food on health.

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