Bach trumpet serial number dating

Here is another Fischer ad showing the Citation trumpet.This also shows better the style of mouthpiece that came with them.#2386 which fits the ad very well c.1959 The next is the Conductor model - the only apparent difference is the single engraved band around the bell #191209 - this one may be earlier or later than the above illustration as there are several design differences - they have a different valve section than the Citations with a fat single band in the center and different caps #200307 Conductor (this may be an error in my list as this looks like a Citation) #613312 Conductor sharing the same serial number jump #664665 Conductor Academy model #26289 Academy #73035 #78xxx Academy #195992 Academy There is also a Director model #174513 Director - all brass with the fat band on the valves Diamond Badge models: These trumpets look like the others yet they have an applied diamond name badge and the old style stamped logo.#158986 Citation #162927 Academy This ad appears to match this style So what about the Italian connection?From what I have been able to find out, Bob played with the Whiteman band from 1938 to 1940.This 1939 catalog cover shows Rudy holding the same trumpet.

The lead pipe inlet changes and the water keys have a square saddle base. #1005 - this one seems to be out of sequence but who knows with Muck #2033 #2101 courtesy of Joe Alacqua - purchased in late 1957 - the bottom caps are not original #2184 #2187 #2386 - author's collection - vertical Citation with simply engraved US logo - this has two engraved lines around the bell which match the late 1950s Carl Fischer ad below At this time Carl Fischer owned both Muck and York so I found these two examples to see if the old York plant was the source. The 1921 to 1926 period was a partnership called Ohnhaus & Mück. Serial numbers change so much that I have arranged the trumpets by style groups regardless of the serial number. Unlike other makers, like Bach, who have a distinct style for as long as they were made, Muck horns strike me as being stencil horns from other makers or at the least being made using parts from other makers combined with his own. early trumpet is #21155 In 1936, Rudy Muck opens a factory and showroom at #125 East 126th Street in the Bronx with the plan to build trumpets as well as his already famous mouthpieces. The origin of Rudy's trumpets has many theories and each of the many different styles found have their own variations so this presentation will try to put them all together and make some sense of it.1939 Catalog photos #135 with hand engraved bell logo - the only difference is the lack of the stop rod on the third slide #139 this one also has a hand engraved logo yet a little better done #157 this one lacks the stop rod on top of the third slide and the owner says there is no evidence that it ever had one #168 Bell from #30000 range #30004 - if this is a Blessing serial number then it dates to c.1937 Here is a comparison photo with the Muck on top and Blessing below.

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