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One reason may be very high expectations from the first date that cannot be met.

When reviewing Saudi Arabia's domestic and foreign policy over the past year, one can only come to a devastating conclusion, DW's Naser Schruf writes.Dead-End Relationship Common relationship goals are an important factor for relationships to form.On Arab, you can upload up to 20 photos of yourself, and with only one picture uploaded (just 1!The friends of late socialite heiress Casey Johnson have turned on her lesbian lover Tila Tequila, accusing the reality TV star of cashing in on her girlfriend's death.The “Jenny from the Block” singer, 48, looked toned as ever while she took part in a high-intensity sweat session in Los Angeles on Saturday, December 30.

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    And, as an example of the absolutely current influence of the beliefs approach, one has only to glance through the special issue of Marketing Letters in 1999 devoted to consumer choice behaviour.

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    For example, the delicate balance between not wanting to come on too strong and wanting to change from a casual or not yet 100% committed relationship to a serious one can often come around the three month mark. Fears crop up, insecurities and uncertainties rear their ugly heads.