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Archived from the original on 31 August Maging masaya man lang ang mga huling araw nila.FREE modem, landline, and unlimited call to globe and tm and to all landline. I have been in your place and I wish you can allow me to live with the elders.

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February 2, at 2: September 7, at 8: Ngayon ay nagdadalawang isip akokc dating internet nila ay Globe, kaya lang may problema din. May ave maria dating service, at Please pass this comment to your relative and friends.

It is part of your existential baggage to be vulnerable or sensitive, which many people do not understand – or want to accept. No other newborn creature in creation is as vulnerable and in need of love and care as much as the human infant.

Trying to deny or hide our true nature will only make us more fragile. Let us explore the huge need for love issue some more. Notice the implication here: We are born with a need to be loved by the other. That need is there too, sure, but in a certain sense it is secondary. This scenario is well known to everyone, and so familiar that you may not notice that here we are witnessing a profound truth about the nature of love: We are not born with a capacity to love by our own power.

Love as a gift When something so nice comes to us without our doing, we call it a gift. Reflecting on this, we will soon sense one of the biggest predicaments about being a human person: the very thing we need more than anything is totally beyond our control! This explains why we all are vulnerable at the core. You may be surprised to hear me claim “we all” this way. The only thing that differs from person to person is how good we are at hiding it.

You can use this insight right away to feel better the rest of your day – and perhaps even the rest of your entire life: if you think you are a vulnerable person – and/or have been told you are ( with a slightly critical attitude), do not feel bad about it. Think of a newborn infant, the most vulnerable being you can imagine in the whole cosmos.

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