Avatars for chat rooms

He was advised of charges this morning in Jefferson County and is scheduled for another hearing on Feb.

For the last year, Reddit has been beta-testing community-based chat rooms with a select number of users.

It all felt very wholesome, like the long-lost AOL days where people liked logging into random chat rooms to connect with strangers.

The flip side is that vintage chat rooms had their problems, too.

Anyone using the chat has a contact called u/reddit_chat_feedback, a virtual chat “user” that serves as a feedback hotline.

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Every user starts with an avatar depicting Snoo — Reddit’s mascot — and currently, it doesn’t seem like those avatars can be changed.

This lends the chat a certain air of anonymity, a quality Reddit values deeply.

Overall, Reddit’s chat rooms seem like a good way to experiment with vulnerability and openness, because people largely won’t know who you are — and probably don’t care. “The nature of real-time, direct chat seems to be especially disarming,” continues ityoclys, in Reddit’s summary of the chat experiment.

In the cat chat room, I asked people what kinds of songs they sang to their pets, revealing that my calico happens to have a dinnertime tune. “Even when people initially lash out in frustration or to troll, I found that if you talk to them and show them you’re a regular human like them, they almost always chill out.” Chat will continue to roll out to new communities daily, and Reddit promises to continue to take feedback on the feature in an effort to improve it.

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