Audi updating stereo

On a car that has spent probably 6 months of it's life in the shop getting defects repaired.

And just cost 00 to replace the ECU with failed while the car was driving on a highway over a bridge at full speed.

Is there a way to update the radio firmware/software to the latest one? While I do agree that the clock is kinda small potatoes, I think the more important things are items we can't see.

I know there are a number of documented bugs with car play, android auto or even the radio randomly freezing.

Inside the settings section of the menu there is an update option. In the UK they encourage people to update the radio at home.

For example, the clock that you can set up to display when the radio is off, you are now able to choose different clock designs. Sorry to bring up a old thread, but has anyone updated their radio software yet? has a live chat for support, and I asked them about the upgrade. I'm so sick of their horrendous service, crap reliability, idiotic maintenance costs and various criminal activities.

Is there a way to update the radio firmware/software to the latest one? They mentioned you are able to bring the car into the dealer and have them upgrade it. The panoramic shade on my parent's Q5 (now out of warranty) collapsed and Audi wanted 00 to repair.

shame on you vw Not sure if it would WORK, and if it did, may present undesired results, and you can't go back to default, because you won't have any U. USA uses NTSC video screens, Uk is PAL, but not sure that that the radios without DVD players are effected that way...

PAL is a different resolution than NTSC, and a lower scan rate...

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