Auctiva store categories arent updating

Uploading quality photos in your e Bay listings not only represent your products most exactly but also enhance both sales and customer amusement.

e Bay Product Image Editing services includes: Experts at e Com Clips prepare optimized e Bay listings according to e Bay Search Engine (Cassini) guidelines to assure that your listings show up in specialized, accurate searches in e Bay.

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Researching competition and tracking Amazon metrics is a manual process and takes up a lot of time.

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High-Quality & High-Impact listings for your e Bay inventory can expressly enhance your chances of catching the absorption of your e Bay buyers.

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Anchor Store owners will get up to 2,500 listing free a month, Premium Store subscribers up to 500 listings and Basic Store owners will have 150 listings, e Bay notes.e Bay sellers who do not have a store subscription can list their first 50 listings per month without insertion fees, starting April 16.The free insertion applies whether they are auctions or fixed-price listings.These sellers will pay a flat 10-percent final value fee “only when your item sells,” Jones adds.Additionally, merchants without an e Bay Store subscription will be able to schedule listings and add the Buy It Now option for free to their auctions starting April 16.

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