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The time that my team members grew tremendously is when they were given responsibility and ownership.When you’re given more responsibility, you first struggle, face your fear of failure, then eventually start seeing things from a different perspective and come up with your own style of solving the issue to finally make it there.West East Dating’s mission is to help Asians find their lifetime partner.WED will serve as a platform where like-minded individuals will connect and come together, in celebration of Asian culture, language, and heritage.Once a week we send out one-to-one matches using our cultural matching algorithm to users, and we always see a huge bump in activity that day.Are you working on any new or exciting projects now? The system will take EME users’ profiles, it’s impression, and communication data into the algorithm and recommend the best matches.We’re using our Series A funds on 2 projects — first, we’ve partnered with AI lab Digital Garage to build Love. No company has ever cracked the matching algorithm fully in the dating industry.You hear about the use of AI in dating such as fraud detection, but an AI matching algorithm is still a big challenge, and we are going to be the first one to innovate.

East Meet East resonated with their fans and they could connect and match on the site.

The end result will lead to running out of money without making a disruptive growth.

In my case, I had new business that was going so-so.

I could see this business was growing, however, I also saw limitations and issues with profitability and scaling it further.

I rationalized my idea and shared the mediocre growth with my team.

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