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The logic: many couples are in sexless couplings but want to maintain their family; there's a disconnect between divorce being socially acceptable while non-monogamy is not; a discreet, anonymous dating platform allows users to take their roaming out of the workplace, which is Ashley Madison's "number one competitor." "Don't put your career at risk along with your marriage," he said."A lot of these women are looking to stray because they want to stay in their marriages.

So they're looking at 'well I have the option of divorce or I have the option of having an affair but I'm not real happy just continuing in my daily life as things are now,'" he said, citing surveys Ashley Madison has done with its users.

Women can use Ashley Madison for free, but even after connecting on the site, men have to pay "credits" to kick off a conversation.

The website's fake females essentially lured them into spending money to talk to no one.

The Ernst & Young report also verifies that the bots are gone.

Executives for Avid Life Media, the parent company of the extramarital affairs, admitted to being investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the use of fembots in an interview with Reuters.The company is doubling down on its core purpose: facilitating infidelity.The infamous slogan is back."Ashley's been the leader in the married dating space, the infidelity space, for a very long time now, and that is what we focused on [last year]," said Buell.He highlights that it's hired a new chief information and security officer, and the office displays "artwork that's mirrored around the idea of a security camera lens.""We do not use the data for any type of third party advertising, we don't run ads on our sites, the data is not moved anywhere from where we own it," Buell said."We hold that very, very close to us.""Security and discretion" were described among Buell's key focuses for 2018.

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