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In theory, I could delete the old "Components" list and rename the new "Components_1".However, I have a picture library with a lookup table that links items and components to their pictures. It isn’t but it is quite convoluded on how to get this done.I had to do this because the connections to my SQL Express database had to have the port name in the I Create a new table by copy/paste these 40 rows from the original table & start updating it. The new table has to be created every 4-5 hours which can contain different number of records in different times. Please suggest The entire process can be automated without any Dynamic Linking, and without any user intervention at all, any updates to the New Table in any Field can be recreated in the Original Table.Is there any way where I can dynamically link the two tables. This will require a common Primary Key in each Table and the same number of Fields in each. Basically, once created, the New Table must be exactly the same as the Original but with fewer Rows.

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@Avisek2013 You do not need to Create a Relationship between the Tables.Edit: In the menu where you choose your site choose the option to link and not to import the data.I have a DB table in MS Access of 200 rows & 10 col.If the Fields are different, then the appropriate Fields in tbl Main will be Updated. Avisek2013 Original question has do with using the Auto-Email feature to collect and update data.The Function will return a Boolean Value indicating Success/Failure as well as a Running Counter indicating the Total Number of Updates (all Fields in tbl Main that were Updated). The difficultly in using this method is that one must either build a query first, select and use it, or one is stuck with using the entire table as I explaned in Post#3 ADezii is a gifted coder and I am sure that his solutions will be most helpful; however, IMHO, we've now drifted away from the OP-Question which I took to mean, "What am I doing wrong with the email collect and update data..." If I'm wrong, then my applogies...

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