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"It gives surgeons a lot of confidence and supports their intuition," Dr. "It's the sense that, 'I'm able to be more precise.'" Dr.

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Greg Mc Iff, global director of strategic cardiovascular marketing for GE Healthcare, says hybrid ORs today now allow the best utilization of space and time for hospitals and their surgeons.

If that level of sophistication in technology isn't there, they're not in the right positions to provide that standard of care."Neurosurgery departments have also been at the forefront of new surgical technology as their volumes of cases trend upward.

Mitesh Shah, MD, a neurosurgeon with Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, points to the intraoperative MRI scanner as an example.

If a hospital's health IT strategies today are resistant to change or fearful of failure, it's only a matter of time before those hospitals are secured by larger entities or cease operations altogether.

In order to meet the rising standards of competition and modernity — as well as governmental standards for some — here are 10 types of health technologies for hospitals and health systems to stay competitive in 2012 and beyond.1. The one piece of health technology that has received more attention than any other over the past several years is the EHR.

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