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Will families be reunited or will they be shattered beyond repair? Roughly a week after he and his wife are killed in a car accident, their son Tony becomes aware of his younger sister, Felicity Smoak.

How will events for both the Arrow and the Avengers change as a result of their sibling relationship?

One action can have a plethora long-lasting, far-reaching consequences. Death is a funny thing as well, as someone will soon learn.

Missing scene and side-story oneshots and drabbles set within my S5 post-bunker sex AU little wonders (twists and turns of fate).

She wants to change but her business keeps dragging her back to that dark place she is trying to escape. Queen see the light inside of her and help her change her ways??

Oliver has recently secured shared custody of his son after Samantha and William recently moved to Starling City. A free but sad spirit, after all life had never been sweet with her.

Or will she do the man she is dating a solid and run her theory by him for comment?I always thought when he was in Hong Kong, someone would stop him and be like, ‘You look like Oliver Queen.’ So I’m glad that [this story beat] is happening.” Mulling Susan’s options once armed with more clues, Amell says, “Maybe she threatens [Oliver] with it, but maybe his counter is different than what we’ve seen before?I also think that it would be interesting if Susan Williams wasn’t just a spy in the weeds, in the way that there was no redeeming quality in Isabel Rochev (played by Summer Glau), who was there to play Oliver from the beginning.He offers millions of dollars in cash to the agency to solve her murder, but doesn't give them any information besides that she died at the hands of someone in Star City. Or, you can't really pretend to be dating each other when what you really want is to be really dating each other.An Olicity AU, loosely based on To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

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