Armstrong dating lance matthew mcconaughey rumor

Then the machine sent a sharp jolt of electrical current through him that had him hopping around the room. “There’ve been, like, six cars camped outside my house for the past three weeks waiting to get that first shot of the baby,” he said as he settled down. His buddy Lance Armstrong refers to him as a “redneck Buddha,” presumably because of ruminations like these. Lots of gesticulating and a periodic stroll around the room. Next you choose your direction: east, west, north, or south. He leaned back in his chair and, for a moment, sounded summarily, surprisingly grounded.

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’ We’d all laugh, and he’d say, ‘That one’s for show,’ and point at his bicep—he always had his shirt off—‘but that one’s for dough,’ pointing at his tricep.Inside, Mc Conaughey had just shown up for work, at three o’clock sharp. It’s not about treble, ’cause we got a lot of that out there.The first order of business was for the two young women, j. livin employees Leslie and Diana, to show him a metal contraption shaped like half a cantaloupe. Flip-flops, cargo shorts, and a T-shirt, that last tidbit being one that might actually surprise a few people. New son Levi had just turned 2 weeks old, and the 38-year-old Mc Conaughey still wore a hospital admission bracelet on his left wrist. It has structure, but it doesn’t put life in a box. You take your own counsel with yourself on what it is. Let’s keep to our bass line.” He sounded equal parts shaman and salesman, exactly the way he does when he goes on talk shows to promote new films, pronouncing ideas of varying depths that are plainly well mulled.Pop says to me, ‘Put it in the glove box, buddy.’ Five minutes down the road and he goes, ‘Check and make sure it’s still there.’ And it’s just him and me in the car. He said if you met Pop once, you would remember them. And it segued into the fact that Pop knew exactly how to rub Kay’s temples to ease her to sleep when her migraine pills failed her.Or Mc Conaughey’s head when nagging childhood ear infections kept him awake.

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