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The much-abused landmark survived bombardment with cannonballs in the Revolutionary War when General Washington struggled to wrest the building from British control, as well as later fires that left only its walls standing in 18.

Rebuilt by Joseph Henry Latrobe, John Notman, and John Witherspoon, the modern Nassau Hall has been much revised and expanded from the original designed by Robert Smith.

Over the centuries, its role shifted from an all-purpose building, comprising office, dormitory, library, and classroom space, to classrooms only, to its present role as the administrative center of the university.

Originally, the sculptures in front of the building were lions, as a gift in 1879. Princeton Theological Seminary broke off from the college in 1812, since the Presbyterians wanted their ministers to have more theological training, while the faculty and students would have been content with less.

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The two institutions currently enjoy a close relationship based on common history and shared resources.

For Princeton to truly serve the nation and all nations through its outstanding undergraduate education and excellent research programs, attention must be paid not only to the mastery of knowledge and skills, but also understanding of the heart and spirit of humankind.

The history of Princeton University goes back to its establishment by "New Light" Presbyterians—Princeton was originally intended to train Presbyterian ministers.

• The Seminary enrolls approximately 550 students.• 52 Christian traditions are represented in our student body.• Students come from 44 states, 2 territories, and 19 countries.

• Women make up approximately 40 percent of the student body.• Princeton Seminary provides an environment of ethnic and cultural diversity.

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