Are andrea anders and matt leblanc still dating

Incidentally in real life, Andrea Anders (who played Alex) and Matt Le Blanc (Joey) dated for several years after Joey had been cancelled.The former Friends star put a protective arm around the star as they attended a screening of his TV show Episodes at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City yesterday.It was nice also to see Michael having a story line, though quite why Joey had to be involved I don't know. His torso is packed into a quilted leather jacket that looks uncomfortably zipped around his paunch. It takes a while to adjust to Le Blanc’s default deadpan humour.Before dating Aurora, Matt was in an eight-year relationship with American actress Andrea Anders, before the pair called time on their romance in 2015.

He also dated Charlie Wheeler, a colleague of Ross and fell in love with his co-star Kate Miller, whom he dated briefly, but she left for a better role in General Hospital.His early-era Brando looks have succumbed to middle-age spread; at 46, he is now less of the puppy dog Joey from Friends and more an affable pitbull. He is talking about the dark humour in Episodes, the satirical television comedy now in its third series in which he plays a fictionalised, megalomanic version of himself. So I decided to play it as if it were our in-joke, my pet name for her.’ He offers me two renditions, tripping more lightly off the second. Interviewing him is already a complicated, ‘meta’ affair: he exists, at least in our minds, in three separate, overlapping incarnations.The bristly, silver Tintin quiff is cropped a little too short for his expanded proportions. ‘There’s a scene in which I call my ex-wife a c*** after I lose a custody battle. Most indelibly etched is the Tiggerish Joey Tribbiani, whom he played from 1994 for a decade in Friends. ‘I had to call up my real ex-wife to warn her about that scene,’ he mutters in his gruff baritone. I don’t ever watch your show.”’ His eyebrows tilt skywards, and he flashes me a broad Buzz Lightyear grin.Dimmer and bouncier, but imbued with Le Blanc’s Italian-American charisma, Joey won the accolade of being everybody's favourite Friend, and went on, in 2004, to appear in his own less successfully received eponymous spin-off series.

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