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Alex Greenwood and the Lionesses will go head-to-head with Norway in the first quarterfinals game of the Women’s World Cup on Thursday.

The defender has already helped her team to a 2-1 victory against Scotland and a 0-1 win over Argentina.

READ MORE: Women’s World Cup: Real reason Ada Hegerberg is not playing for Norway“I didn’t want to speak to him about promotion – I just wanted it to be as normal as possible – for him, more than anyone. I think it’s funny.“They’re just small-minded people and you’re never going to get rid of them.

Until it was, we couldn’t switch off.“There was a temptation to say to him at one point: ‘You’re up’ but I knew he didn’t want to hear it, so I just let him focus and concentrate.“It paid off and of course I’m proud of him.”Greenwood also shared her opinion on women’s football still having issues being accepted, but believes more barriers will come down over time. It’s just how it is.“We can’t control people’s comments.

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This year, 2018 Alex is playing a lead role of Miles in American family adventure film, A. Born on March 29, 1998, in Kansas City, Alex Neustaedter moved to Midwest for acting and athletic training.

Hence, Alex Neustaedter age is 20 years old and stands at the height of six feet At the very age, the actor grabbed commercial movies as well as an opportunity to appear in music videos.

It has never been about his crush, love affairs, and relationship status. Moreover, Alex Neustaedter Instagram concludes in a null post with some of the followers waiting for uploads.

Either he is not used to social media or does not prefer online platform to explore on own.

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