Arashi ohno dating

Husbands/Wife and Childrens: All information about his private life is hidden orstays unknown, so it’s difficult to say if he has a wife or children.

Also, the way Jun is a lot less reserved around her (which is a first, since practically all of his other female co-stars have all described him as "scary," "unapprochable," or "cold") could also lead to speculation that he has feelings for her. bye ---------------------------------- anonymous says: NO, jun and Mao are not dating..Little Sho and little Jun met during Spring break and connect. Years pass by and Sho becomes an astronomer who hasn't forgotten that Jun boy.Fate brings them together again, but Jun-kun doesn't remember Sho.Sho is in love and will do anything to gain Jun's affection. Nino promised himself that he would take revenge on the murders of his family.On the same day, he found a baby dragon whose mother was killed as well.

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