Aquarius women and dating dating leenex net

To a varying extent, they can embrace elaborate structures of ideas, accept them as fact, and use them to shore up a delusional worldview.

Lacking a central presence of self to illuminate and energize their persona, they can become robotic and formulaic.

Such beautiful and charismatic types can be highly influential and the world.

They can be intimidating because they seem to be perfected souls without any flaws.

Their inability to empathize with others' emotions combined with their intellectual brilliance is a recipe for cruelty, though most often expressed in socially accepted (yet arguably evil) forms, such as vivisection or the calculating, power-driven corporate world.

Aquarius knows how to work the system very well because they helped to create it.

Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is the unique and eccentric newcomer to the party.

It was discovered in 1781, right between the political revolutions in France and America which then went on to create the first two modern democratic republics.

There is no question that the dark side of Aquarius can be dangerous.The French Revolution was called The Reign of Terror, and it reflects the dark side of this sign in its relentless adherence to a higher ideal regardless of the human cost.The 'dark' Aquarians exhibit a chilling lack of emotion.A dark Aquarian woman feels she must be tougher and smarter than her male rivals. Aquarius can be capricious and unpredictable, prone to lightning-bolt-like bursts of temper.Such an excessively detached Aquarius is judgmental and contemptuous of others' vulnerable feelings.

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