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The teen may use his finsta account to share his interest with like-minded fans, he may even set it up to give the impression that it is a girl’s account.

With this purpose, teens can feel free to enjoy their interest, or try new ones, without being worried that someone will mock them.

A distinctive trend in Instagram use, something that can go under the radar, is that teens increasingly have more than one account.

On the flipside, however, these accounts usually engage with a closed circle of friends, so inappropriate content – such as sexual or highly intimate remarks and posts – can (and does) get posted.In my own study of teen use of social media, 17-year-old Tommy stated he used his finsta account to post funny pictures just for his friends.He said he would never post those pictures on his real Instagram because he wouldn’t want everyone to see how goofy he can be.Semi-anonymous and closed-platform posts also bring the potential for bullying, sexting, revenge posting, illegal activity and amplified drama that can easily spill over from finsta into other social media accounts and real life.Conversations with teens about social media are always important and should be a regular part of digital life.

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