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If you use Antiland daily, have leadership skills and a minimum of 10 000 karma, you can try to apply for a mod. All moderators have a 'Moderators hat' in their Artifacts section. That means you were banned automatically for breaking the User Agreement, you signed electronically when started using the app: https:// the system decides to lock you in Prison, you will be banned in all chats.

Next few hours you will have to spend in Prison, chatting to other prisoners.

The system is self-regulated, it automatically calculates your sentence depending on your violation.

If your contacts are not synchronized with Antiland and you do not see a single contacts from your Adressbook in [People] section, close Antiland, open your device's Settings - Antiland, then make sure that all the options are turned on.

Then open Antiland again and you will be able to start anonymous chats with any of your personal contacts so that they will never be able to find out your real name, if you do not reveal yourself by your own will. On Android longpress on any chat in your chat list.

Karma - is your social status in the anonymous world of Antiland.

The more adequate and active is your behavior, the higher karma you get.

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