Anne heche still dating james tupper

She shows me pictures on her i Phone of him and his golden-haired half-brother, Homer, nine, from her five-year marriage to Laffoon. ’ Nobody could accuse Heche of having a romantic 'type’: she dated the comedian Steve Martin, who is 24 years her senior, and the Fleetwood Mac singer Lindsey Buckingham, then 43, when she was in her early twenties. We all pooled our money in an envelope in a drawer and saved up enough to move out after a year.’ It was the actress’s 12th house move in as many years.Laffoon, on the other hand, is five years younger than her. 'I found heaven on that stage,’ she says, playing with a wisp of blonde hair that’s escaped from beneath a grey pork pie hat.'What I find upsetting is not that I provide for him, although that’s not my favourite thing in life,’ she says.

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She requested a shower, declared herself to be God and offered to take everyone back to heaven in her spaceship. Heche, meanwhile, suffered a psychotic breakdown and looked destined never to deliver on her youthful promise.He was an unsuccessful serial entrepreneur and a closet homosexual who died of Aids in 1983, shortly after revealing his sexuality to his family.Three months later her brother, Nate, died in a car accident that some have speculated may have been suicide.Because if you’re being supported until the child is 18 – and the child at the time is four – what on earth is the incentive for him to get a job? Even when her star was waning, she flogged her wares in endless television films and drama series. When she won the part of Jessica in Hung she was on the set for the first day of filming just a week after giving birth.

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